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Requirements for OHS Compliance

There are a number of safety requirements noted within Alberta’s Occupational Act, Regulation and Code. While this is not an exhaustive list, here are some of the basic requirements of any business operating under the umbrella of Alberta’s OHS legislation:

Weight and Work: Proper Lifting Technique To Keep You Healthy

At some point, just about every job involves a little bit of lifting, whether its sheets of plywood on a construction site, tossing hay bales on the back 40, or just moving a box of printer paper around the office. The problem is that your typical worker isnt ready for lifting the way he or she might be when doing some lifting in the gym.

This lack of preparationand good techniqueleads to a huge number of sprains and strains. According to Government of Alberta statistics, in 2011 sprains, strains and tears accounted for 49.4 percent of all lost time claims and 50 percent of all disabling injuries; the next most common injury, surface wounds and bruises, accounted for just 11.1 percent of lost time claims and 12.3 percent of disabling injuries.

Vanee Waste Water Treatment Now Operational

The Vanee Waste Water Treatment project is complete, with the new structure now operational.

Top Form Construction's work on the new structure wrapped up in January. The Vanee Truck Wash has now tied the system together with their wash building and waste water has been flowing through the Water Treatment tanks for some time.

The Water Treatment facility at the Vanee Truck Wash is designed to remove waste water from the wash building and settle out solid waste from the grey water, making it much easier and safer to remove waste from the Truck Wash.

Top Form Safety Services

Top Form Safety Services

TF Safety

Top Form now offers safety consulting, training and management. Whether it be for on-site supervision and management, group training or COR certification, our safety department has the ability to assist you in completing any project.